How It Works

Submit Specifications

Many of our customers submit their plans to our staff via email. Our purchasing team then handles the request by carefully going over the requirements desired by the client, and putting together a proposal with all of the necessary items. Provide all specifications such as sizes, paint finish, glass composition. Quantities and all relevant information via email.

Prepare Estimate

Preparing estimates is a service we offer to most of our buyers. However, some of our more experienced clients place the order directly online with the manufacturer's quotation systems. Once the estimate is ready it goes back to the customer for approval.

Ordering Materials.

Once you go over your proposal and are ready tinplate the order, you may need to submit a signed copy of the final quote and drawings if applicable, our team will process it with the manufacturer after the deposit is made . We offer flexible payment options and financing for our network of dealers.


The manufacturers delivers all the materials in containers to our warehouse located in Hallandale Beach. Materials are expected to be picked up within a maximum of two weeks after they arrive. We also offer storage options for a project that make take extra time to initialize.

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